Anutra™ Micro Distributor Program


Welcome to the Anutra Super Grain, LLC Micro Distribution Program. This program is designed to give preferred individuals the opportunity to generate income through the promotion and sales of Anutra™ Grain, the “World’s Healthiest Whole Food”. This is not a multi-level marketing program, but a true independent distributorship. You take ownership of the merchandise and resell it to individuals, retailers, manufacturers, fund raisers, or any other opportunities you develop.

Starter Kit

There is no mandatory investment to get started. However a starting inventory of selected products is recommended (Starter Kit). The Starter Kit is used to demonstrate, sample Anutra™ products and to have product available for spot sales. The following Starter Kit is recommended, but any combination is acceptable:

Pack/Size Item Suggested Quantity
6/8.5 oz Anutra Omega 3 Micro-Ground Powder Original 4 units
6/8.5 oz Anutra Omega 3 Micro-Ground Powder Vanilla 4 units
6/8.5 oz Anutra Omega 3 Micro-Ground Powder Chocolate 4 units
6/8.5 oz Anutra Omega 3 Micro-Ground Powder Peanut Butter 4 units
6/8.5 oz Anutra Omega 3 Micro-Ground Powder Mixed Berry 4 units
6/11.5 oz Nutritional Sweetener 4 units
12/8.5 oz Anutra Whole 1 case
12/8.5 oz Anutra Ground 1 case
180 ct Gel Capsules 1 case
6/.45 oz Bio-Serum 1 case
4/8 count Anutra Chocolate Bar 32 Bars
The World Best Kept Secret (Book) 6 Books

Target Customers

Target any retail outlet; convenience stores, grocery stores, natural food markets, bulk food retailers, department stores, spas, salons, friends and neighbors. You can sell just about anywhere even on you own website. We recommend that you develop a group of local/ regional chain stores to get product turning on a consistent basis. Three or four of this type of customer will generate regular sales. Each major metropolitan area has locally owned and operated nutrition stores.

There are some customers that are already buying Anutra™. Mass-retail customers such as Kroger, Walgreen’s, Wegman’s, GNC, and others stock our products. If you spot an opportunity with a mass-retailer and they do not stock Anutra, you may be able to be appointed as a distributor to that account. All such appointments require written approval from Anutra™.

Why Anutra is Different

  1. Anutra™ is a Super Cultivar of chia, the best example to understand what a cultivar is would be Rye is to Wheat as Anutra is to Chia.
  2. Anutra™ has the richest and safest source of Omega 3’s.
  3. We are innovators, introducing cutting edge products such as Anutra™ Omega 3 Powder, a patented Micro-ground product that mixes easily in everything.
  4. All of our products are applicable to the food manufacturing industry.
  5. Anutra™ subscribes to a TEP (Total Excellence Protocol) 100 system of food safety. Five grams is extracted from every 20 kilo bag and tested for nutrients and micro biological organisms (Salmonella, E-Coli, etc). This process ensures food safety.

Anutra’s Features

The number one feature of the Anutra™ line of products is our Anutra™ Omega 3 Micro-Ground Powder. This is a patented product and has no competition. It changes the chia experience for consumers. Whole and ground grains have a unique texture that some people find objectionable. Anutra™ Omega 3 Micro-Ground Powder has a smooth pleasant mouthfeel and taste that consumers embrace. If someone wants to get this product, they have to get it from you.


Anutra™ does not issue exclusive territories so you are free to sell to any customer you choose except certain mas-retailers. Those accounts need approval in writing from Anutra to qualify.


No agreement is required. You merely purchase the product at the wholesale price and sell it at a marked up wholesale price or the MAP (Minimum Advertised Price) price or more.

Tool Set

  1. Point of Sale Materials
  2. Product Certifications/Documentation
  3. Suggested Retail Pricing

Good Luck with your new venture.

To join our sales team Please contact Greg Bunn, President of Anutra Super Grain  813-784-7010, gregbunn@anutra.com