100% Real North American Vanilla Plant Protein Isolates + Plant ALA Omega 3’s


All the protein in the world won’t make healthy muscle cells! New clinical evidence proves that you need high quality protein plus ALA Omega 3’s together at the same time to maximize healthy lean muscle size, strength, energy, endurance, alertness, performance, & longevity.

Highest Protein and Omega 3’s for Ultimate Results.

– Protein 30g 60% RDV
– Omega 3’s 1600mg 100% RDV
– Calcium 254 MG 25% RDV
– Fiber 3g 11% RDV
– Antioxidants 600 IU
(Recommended Daily Value)

15 Servings

30 day supply / 15 day supply for Athletes

4 Servings of fruits and vegetables and over 50 other important phyto nutrients.

Single: 25.4 oz Container 
Value Pack: 3 lb Bag