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by Karen Nachay

Inspiration Comes From the Smallest Source 

A tiny, ancient seed inspired Angelo Morini, Founder and Chief Executive OFficer of Anutra, Windermere, FLa. ( More than a decade ago, at the request of Norman Borlaug, a central participant in the “green revolution” and winnder of both the Nobel Peace Prize and World Food Price, and ihs associates, Morini attended a seminar on the health benefits of the chia seed, a seed that has roots going back centuries to the Aztecs. Intrigued by the muriad health benefits of chia seed, Morini set out to develop a new cultivar of Salvia hipanica L., which he  called Anutra, and that promised to have even more of the beneficial nutrients. For the new cultivar, he maximmized the contents of omega-3 fayy acids, antioxidants, insoluble fiber, calcium, and amino acids.

Calling it “the world’s healthiest whole food,” Morini and the scientists at Anutra chia seed. For instance, he explains that in meat products like ground beef for burgers, ANutra can help keep the meat juicier and more flavorful since the seed can absorb about 10-15 times its weight in water. Manufacturers of chocolate milk drinks can replace carrageenan, guar gun, starches, and other similar ingredients with Anutra, which can help add thickeness to the product with the added benefits, antioxidants, and protein, he adds. The ingredients is said to have thickening functioanlities in yogurt and sour cream, too.

Morini has even used micronized Anutra to replace fat in ice cream, where he says it is miscible, minimics fat, and helps produce ice with a smooth and creamy consistency. And, of course, like the other ancient grains and seeds, Anutra chia seeds can be used in grain-based products like flour, breads, baked goods, and more.

Another point about Anutra that orni emphasizes is that is does not break down over time and leave a fishy taste in foods and beverages like some omega-3 ingredients derived from fish oil can. The vertically integrated company, which grows all of its own ingredients, offers Anutra in whole grain, different grinds like superfine, fine, medium, and course, micronized, and oil.