Pet Reviews

We adopted Cocoa, an 11 year old Chocolate Lab mix when her elderly owner died. Her coat was dull brown with patches of faded yellow. She walked with singular steps. And her eyelids had little gray pink lesions from “old age”. At feeding time, a scoop of cheap “doggie snacks” went into her bowl. Not true dog food! I was shocked. We took Cocoa, fed her dog food. I sprinkled ANUTRA in with the food. I use it after all! After a month, Cocoa became a new dog. Her coat darkened to a rich brown. The yellow patches disappeared and her eyelids have a more normal color. She climbs steps and jumps to poke me when it is time to “go outside”. Anutra works. The results are dramatic. It is a remarkable food supplement for you and your pet.

Mr. Daniel Bullock

Cocoa’s Anutra Testimonial! The photo with her and the rabbit was taken last week and the one of her in the bed shows just how clear her eyes are! They can use them or show them in order to document the amazing results of Anutra. People have been lied to when told about “miracle” products. Anutra is the “real deal”. I am glad that Cocoa can help!