World Medical Experts Approve Anutra® Grain Properties:
FDA, USDA, AMA, APhA, ADA, WHO and more…

Anthony M. Puglisi

Anutra Shareholder

Fish Oil Press Release

Hello, My name is Anthony Puglisi. I am a shareholder representing Anutra Grain (The worlds healthiest whole food).

My background is highlighted by working with a world class team at Parke-Davis which was acquired by Pfizer during the co-promotion of Lipitor. I was hired to lead a sales and marketing team to launch and introduce Lipitor to patients, physicians, and to the medical community as a whole. A lot of research, training and education went into this unprecedented successful drug launch.

Lipitor is the worlds #1 selling pharmaceutical drug of all time, and according to investment reports, historical sales reached close to 200 Billion dollars

Recently, new clinical data surfaced showing statins as a class of drug which includes Lipitor cause more harm than good, Dollar sales of Lipitor according to Pfizer fell by 11% in 2019 and are expected to continually decline due to patent expiration, and new clinical data showing Lipitor and statins cause more harm than good.

If you are taking Lipitor or any Statin Class of drugs, it is extremely important that you watch critical new information in videos shown on this site

FDA, USDA, AMA, APHA,WHO has approved patented Anutra Super Grain properties that replaces Lipitor and other Statins.

Marine derived DHA and EPA Omega 3’s which include (fish oil, krill, and algae) does not have the clinical evidence to support the claim in lowering low-density lipoprotein (LDL), also known as “bad” cholesterol,. In fact, fish oil can actually increase LDL levels.

FDA declares that Omega 3’s from Fish Oil DHA and EPA Claims are illegal because they dont work as advertised.

This news is impactful and very important

I am now excited to introduce Anutra Super Grain, which is extremely effective, safe, and is not a drug with dangerous side effects, but a regular food like oats, wheat, rice, or corn.

Anutra Super Grain is recognized as the Worlds Healthiest Whole Food because clinical studies on Anutra’s properties show positive results in

  • lowering blood pressure,
  • lowering oxidized cholesterol,
  • lowering CRP levels which is a marker for inflammation,
  • blood thinning (asprin effect),
  • improving DNA and telomere lengthening which acts by turning back the aging clock.
  • healthier skin and hair
  • Anutra contributes to reducing the risk of heart disease, cancer, diabetes, osteoporosis, improving immunity and much more

Anutra Super Grain is the #1 Doctor Recommended to stay healthy and thrive. How does this work? Anutra makes the healthiest new cells , slows the normal aging process, reduces pain and maximizes your strenght, energy, endurance, alertness, performance and longevity

Anutra is:
100% plant based (vegan) • organic • non GMO
Gluten Free • and sustainable

  • Anutra can greatly improve your overall health and well-being like no other product on earth.
  • It can also contribute to significantly reduce health care cost in the US and throughout the world

Please check out the available data on this website proving Anutra Super Grain products show that the benefits are real.

In conclusion, Statins and Fish Oil do not work as advertised. Doctors have proven that Statins like Lipitor and Crestor cause more harm than good.

Once again, I stress FDA declares Omega 3’s from Fish Oil, (DHA and EPA claims are illegal because they simply don’t work.)

FDA and AMA doctors approve patented Anutra Super Grain as a critical and essential replacement for Statins and Fish Oil

For Anutra, I am Anthony Puglisi and I thank you for allowing me the opportunity to provide valuable insight on the benefits of Anutra Super Grain, the worlds healthiest whole food.

Absolute Proof

Anutra Works Better Than Statins