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Marilyn Lahr Morini
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Marilyn Lahr

Hello and thank you for visiting our Ministry. I am Marilyn Lahr Morini, and it is my pleasure and privilege to be President of this ministry and to serve you.

First of all expect the unexpected as it will vary with content and Guest Presenters from show to show. My life’s passion and purpose has been to “Give Voice to Your Story!”. As such there will be presenters of all ages, occupations and possibilities and yes perhaps YOU!

I believe we are each born with unique talents, abilities, life experiences and we are each here to share our God given talents with the world. Each of us holds a thread to God’s great tapestry of life and our world is incomplete without you so I will give voice to young and old who have a story to tell. They will be valuable stories with potential for changing lives.

Perhaps it is best expressed by the great “Chicken Soup for the Soul” books, a treasure trove of life experiences and stories that can inspire us all to truly Live in Our Own Unique God Given Truth and by doing so to bless us all!
Join me as I have an opportunity to both speak to you on topics to spark YOUR awareness of what YOU have to offer and, to be inspired by others, young and old. Life stories and experiences that need to be told. They may make you laugh or make you cry – they will all be to the glory of our Creator.

Join me as we share in living our lives as God intended, where each of us is able to Be Happy, Be Healthy, and Be Free to be all God created us to BE!

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