BBBCMN Program

( Be Happy, Be Healthy, Be Free! Christian Ministries Network )


A) You join our National Christian Network List of businesses where you can also create a brief infomercial promoting your company or even create your own show at no cost. Our purpose is to give a voice to Christian businesses and to show people where they can connect and do businesses with fellow Christians.

B) You can record a video show up to 25 minutes at your business, promoting your goods and services and add new shows over time.

C) You also can promote Anutra Super Grain on your show by offering Anutra Products for sales and you can receive special codes that pay you 10% of any sale made with your code and the code will also give your customer a 10% discount on their Anutra product(s) purchase.

D) And 10% of your sales proceeds using your special code will be donated to the Christian ministry of your choice.

E) Five minutes of your show including one minute to promote Anutra and 4 minutes paid advertising by other companies. You will also receive 10% commission of the 4 minutes of paid advertising.

F) Introductory to all shows will be: “This program has been brought to you by BBBCMN and Anutra Super Grain.”

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    Put good money in the hands of good people.

    Millions like you, voting every day with their wallets, by doing business with Christian One God Society Symbol Companies will quickly destroy the evil of our time.

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