Come Back Strong America – Merchandising Rack (VEGAN)

$4,510.00 available on subscription

Retail Direct Price: $2,931.50
The Retail Direct Pricing is available with your Retail Direct Code. Save 35% on all racks.
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1. 10 x Omega 3 Capsules 180 count
2. 5 x Super Vitamins 90 count
3. 24 x Bio Serum 500 droplets
4. 3 x Fiber 17.5 oz 30 Servings
5. 3 x Cleanse 16 oz 80 Servings
6. 3 x COVID Defense & Repair
7. 3 x Baby & You 8.5 oz
8. 6 x Anutra Coffee Medium
9. 6 x Anutra Coffee Dark
10. 6 x Anutra Coffee Robust
11. 6 x Anutra Chocolate 6 2.25 oz Bars
12. 6 x Anutra Chocolate 12 2.25 oz Bars
13. 6 Anutra Sweetener 8oz 133 Servings
14. 3 x Anutra Flour 2 lbs
15. 3 x World’s Healthiest Superfood 25.4 oz
16. 6 x Omega 3 Powder Original 8.5 oz
17. 6 x Anutra Microfine 11 oz
18. 6 x Anutra Ground Grain 16 oz
19. 6 x Anutra Whole Grain 16 oz
20. 6 x Plant Protein Vanilla 25.4 oz 15 Servings
21. 6 x Plant Protein Chocolate 25.4 oz 15 Servings
22. 3 x Plant Protein Peanut Butter 25.4 oz 15 Servings

YOU SIMPLY PURCHASE A DISPLAY RACK FOR YOUR HOME OR BUSINESS at a small cost making 35% or more on rack product sales and 10% on any racks you sell to other individuals or businesses. You get a (retail direct code) to use at our internet store to purchase any products listed, less a 35% discount for your own purchases and you receive a 10% commission on rack sales every month that have been set up by you with other individuals.

We are a company completely dedicated to regular people and the least among us. We believe in GOD, FAMILY, AND OUR GREAT COUNTRY.

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When you purchase a rack you are becoming a part of the very heart of what we at Anutra are all about. Anutra itself is a plant created by our Creator that can nourish the body as nothing else known to man can. Our mission is to get this life-giving plant to as many as possible and use it for the purpose for which it was created… to give every cell of the body the maximum opportunity to survive and thrive!

PART ONE: Through the awareness of Nobel Prize winner Dr. Norman Borlaug the awareness of this plant was given to Dr. Angelo Morini with the belief that it would be cultivated and brought to the world. As of now (2021) Dr. Morini has spent 18 years of his life creating this new cultivar of the plant, micronizing it so it can be absorbed even for those who could not otherwise benefit from it and getting a patent that it might be protected in it’s purity. Dr. Morini as well has created many products with this God given plant so that we might take it in and completely Anutrasize our bodies, creating the strongest immune system and fortifying every function of our bodies.

PART TWO: You can be a part of helping with the mission of bringing this product to the world and in so doing create a little, or a large income for yourself from the comfort of your home &/or by sharing it with others, be they small businesses or individuals, from college students to Seniors and everyone in between. There is truly unlimited income and possibilities. It is imperative that you make a connection with us so we can assist and support you as you become a small business owner in buying a rack. (This is a retail/direct program and in no way multi-level marketing. You receive commissions only on your own sales and those you personally refer to the program.) You can not only make as high as 35% profit on selling products from your rack but you can also make ongoing residual income by sharing this program with those you personally refer, and when they purchase a rack AND every time they restock their rack you will receive a 10% commission on their purchases, ongoing. When you purchase a rack you will be contacted by someone from our Anutra team, given information, answer your questions and invited to a weekly call for training and meeting others who are using the program.

Example: You tell someone about the rack. They purchase one rack. You receive a check for 10% of the sale. Next, every time they order product to restock their rack you make 10% commission. So… if you sponsor 10 people who all purchase racks you make 10%… say $173 x10 equal $1,730 commission for original rack purchases and there is NO LIMIT to how many you can refer! Next, if you have 10 who purchase $400 per month, totaling $4,000 in sales, you make $400. Now you play with the multiples… Do you want to refer 10, 20, 100, or 1,000 over a period of time? That $400 per month could be $4,000 or $40,000 per month and some racks you get out in small business could do $1,000 in sales not $100. Go ahead see what this could do for a young college student or think about how it could change retirement income for someone, maybe you??

PART THREE: We have a partnership with Hope Springs International who drill wells to bring clean water to those who have never had clean water in Africa and we have partnered to bring them the World’s Healthiest Whole Food to those who are starving. EVERY sale that is made helps support those less fortunate and helps saves lives! You, by any and all efforts you make will be helping these dear little ones, 20% of whom will never live til their 5th birthday without help. Without help, they will die of hunger or of the diseases caused by dirty water. You and I can make the difference and help save their lives.

To sum it all up, the benefits of buying a rack and sharing these products and opportunity with others:


  1. YOU have the opportunity to buy and use ALL the ANUTRA products at an unheard of 35% discount.
  2. You can have meetings in your home, office, place of business, or church and help others. You can also make a business of going out to small business and offering them this opportunity AND,
  3. You can make a little or a large income. You become a small business owner and will have our support.
  4. You can change the lives of others and even save lives.

ANUTRA, a Leading Patented Products Company exclusively offers a small business opportunity to anyone that needs a little money to get by or someone who wants to have a very gratifying career and make an honest unlimited fortune. This is possible because of the amazing food products that are Number 1 Doctor Recommended and approved by the FDA, and USDA as a regular food also approved by the AMA, APhA, and WHO. They are all non GMO and are Certified Organic.

There are multiples of 24 products on each rack, with The World’s Healthiest Whole Food™, Anutra, in each product, including the world’s largest and healthiest selection of Omega 3s, and the World’s Healthiest Chocolate Bars, Proteins, Fibers, our amazing Bio Serum and even the World’s Healthiest Coffee and so much more.

This unique opportunity has been created by the drastic changes to how business is conducted in America today. Years ago if anyone young or old wanted to make some money, a very young person could start a Kool-Aid stand, an adult could jump in his car and drive to any store nearby and make a pitch to the store owner and had a good
chance to make a sale. NOT ANYMORE! Big government, big banks, big wall street companies and some big unions make it almost impossible. You only have to see what happened to small business during Covid-19 to understand. The United States is almost a society for the rich who will do anything to make more money and gain more power. Just look how our government and big companies are helping our greatest enemies, notably China that can now and soon destroy our beloved USA.


Without regular people being manipulated these terrible changes to our country could not exist. FREEDOM TO CONDUCT A BUSINESS BIG OR SMALL IS THE SOLUTION AND THIS OPPORTUNITY DOES IT ALL. It gives ultimate health and the strongest immune system, puts money in your pocket and in the process helps the least among us here and abroad.

Thank you and welcome,
The Anutra Team

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