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American Principles, Values, and Godly Aspirations as shared in these small but practical and inspiring books by Marilyn Lahr (Author, teacher, life coach, speaker, and successful business woman.)

With the rapid changes taking place in our world it is imperative we have our roots in something solid something tried and true. Each of these books ground us in truths that have been tested and proven to bear positive results in thousands of lives throughout time. Foundational truths that bring us back to what really matters – family, love, inner strength and a relationship with our creator that guides us into a strong and loving relationship with ourselves and our fellow man.

“Living the Seasons of Life – Fall and Winter”
Understanding the changes of life for Seniors and how to meet their fears, their wants and their needs and create positive memories to last a lifetime. ( Great for ministers, counselors, caregivers and most of all families of seniors.)

Coming Soon… “The Life You Were Born to Live” Based on true life experience this book may lead you to know what your part is in life and this our world in need. Yes! Each of us can make a difference!