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Heart Commercial


Did you know the F-D-A has prohibited sellers of fish oil Omega threes from making any health claims because they’re unproven? At Anutra Grain, our products featuring properties better than fish oil or statins are clinically approved by the F-D-A and A-M-A, letting us make any heart-healthy claim. Anutra Grain, in capsules and powder, is the number one doctor recommended to regenerate the healthiest new cells and have a healthy heart.

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Fiber Commercial


Did you know every three days your body needs to make new cells replacing the entire lining of your digestive system? But, over 90% of us don’t make the best new cells and digestive system because we don’t get enough plant A-L-A Omega 3s and nutritional fiber. Patented “Relieve and Heal” Anutra Nutritional Microfine Fiber produces the healthiest new cells possible, immediately, right now, when your digestive system calls for them.

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