• Anutrasizing: World’s Healthiest Diet

    $236.95 See Value & Case Pack available on subscription

    Anutrasizing includes a very special celebration of eating your favorite meal each day…Imagine waking up every morning knowing you are going to have your favorite meal every day and also be your very best health and weight! Anutrasizing enables you to thrive by you planning your favorite food every day and perfectly fortifying your favorite meal by consuming amazing Anutra products. These great tasting Anutrasizing products are quick and easy to enjoy and provide all the special nutrition you need to be your very best health and weight. Anutrasizing is an everyday lifestyle decision that fits in with all your needs for a lifetime of health and happiness. KEEP IT FOREVER GOING FOR YOU AND YOUR LOVED ONES!


    — Angelo S. Morini


    Promotes Healthiest Weight Loss and Strongest Immune System Clinical studies on properties of Anutrasizing Diet show positive results promoting healthy weight loss, production of healthiest new cells, lowering blood pressure, oxidized cholesterol, body inflammation (CRP levels), and blood thinning (aspirin effect), improving DNA and telomere lengthening, healthier skin and hair, and reducing the risk of heart disease, cancer, diabetes, osteoporosis and more.

    The cost of this entire program is about $10 per day and will save you the cost of 2 meals a day plus the ability to stop taking many supplements or doctor supervised medications, could actually cost you less than what you are spending now. Anutrasizing has a very positive affect on reducing the cost of healthcare. 

    Why Anutrasizing is the World’s Healthiest Diet Anutrasizing is powered by Anutra Grain the world’s healthiest whole food that is the highest and safest natural source of Omega 3s, Antioxidants, Fiber, Calcium, Complete Protein and over 50 other important phyto-nutrients.

    Unlike all other diets Anutrasizing is a lifestyle change that includes permanent and healthy weight loss and transformation of your body cells to the healthiest they can be.

    The very first day you make one percent of your body weight with the healthiest Auntrasized new cells.  Day two another one percent and on day five you will notice an increase in energy, strength, and well-being and in just 90 days you will be a brand new you, the healthiest you can be.

    Anutrasizing for life makes healthiest new cells, slows the normal aging process, and maximizes your strength, energy, endurance, alertness, performance, and longevity!

    Anutrasizing Diet is for a lifetime and will enable you to be your very best. Properties of Anutrasizing Diet are #1 Doctor Recommended — to stay healthy for a lifetime and thrive.

    ANUTRASIZING Starter Kit - $236.95 includes: Omega 3 Bio Serum (1) Omega 3 Capsules (1) Anutra Microfine Powder (1) Relieve & Heal Fiber (1) Anutra Super Vitamins (1) World’s Healthiest Chocolate Bars (6)

    ANUTRASIZING 30 Day Program - $444.45 includes: Anutra Grain ALA Omega-3 Superfood Powder (1) Omega 3 Bio Serum (1) Anutra Protein Shakes (4) Anutra Whole Body Cleanse (1) Anutra Relieve & Heal Fiber (1) World’s Healthiest Chocolate Bars (12) Omega 3 Capsules (1) Anutra Super Vitamins (1) Anutra Nutritional Sweetener (1) FREE copy of “Nature’s Best Kept Secret”, by Angelo Morini. Contains in-depth information on Anutra and 175 recipes!

    ANUTRASIZING 90 Day Program - $943.65 includes: Anutra Grain ALA Omega-3 Superfood Powder (1) Omega 3 Bio Serum (3) Anutra Protein Shakes (12) Anutra Whole Body Cleanse (1) Relieve & Heal Fiber (2) World’s Healthiest Chocolate Bars (24) Omega 3 Capsules (1) Anutra Super Vitamins (1) Anutra Nutritional Sweetener (1) FREE copy of “Nature’s Best Kept Secret”, by Angelo Morini. Contains in-depth information on Anutra and 175 recipes

  • Relieve & Heal Fiber – Berry Flavored

    $26.95 See Value & Case Pack available on subscription
    Organic • 100% Natural • Plant-Based • Vegan World’s Healthiest#1 Doctor Recommended Natural Pre & Pro Biotic with Healing ALA Omega 3s NET WT. 17.5 OZ (496g) Serving Size: 2-1/2 Tbsp. (16g) 30 SERVINGS SUGGESTED USE: 2-1/2 Tbsp (16g) daily. Mix with 2 cups of water or your favorite beverage for 3 minutes and consume. INGREDIENTS: 100% Natural Organic Anutra® Microfine Whole Grain; Nutritionally Dried Organic Blueberries, Blackberries, Raspberries, Organic Stevia Leaf  
    1 single canister: 17.5 oz Value pack : 3 lbs 1 case contains 4 / 17.5 oz canisters Gross Case Weight:  6.1 lbs   UPC: 108-59298-00250-3   Case Cube: 0.5004  
  • Survive and Thrive: Survival Pak

    $699.95 See Value & Case Pack
    #1 Doctor Recommended for Survival World’s healthiest, most nutritious, safest, best tasting, and most convenient and easy to use survival pak. The Anutra Survival Pak "Survive & Thrive" is created to enable you and your loved ones to not only survive but to SURVIVE & THRIVE! Anutra Super Grain, The World's Healthiest Whole Food, is the base ingredient that enables unsurpassed great nutrition and health in any environment. Anutra Grain is the highest and safest natural source of complete protein, essential Omegas 3 & 6, Omega 9, antioxidants, fiber, calcium, 100% natural prebiotics, probiotics and over 50 other important phytonutrients. Anutra Grain is a complete food so nutritious that you could live healthy by only eating Anutra but when combined with the right protein and other special health promoting ingredients in "SURVIVE & THRIVE" THE RESULTS ARE AWESOME! Did you know that every 90 days your body regenerates nearly all its cells? (7 to 10 trillion) Anutra Super Grain regenerates healthiest, strongest, smoothest, and more elastic new cells slowing the normal aging process and maximizes your energy, endurance, performance, alertness and longevity.

    The big difference in Anutra "Survive & Thrive" is the inherent combination of patented plant-based Anutra Microfine Whole Grain containing critical complete protein Omega 3s, and other important nutrition in nano and small micron sizes that are smaller than your cells enabling immediate digestion and healthiest new cell production. Competing products CANNOT provide this critical feature. Every second your body is producing about 1.2 million new cells and makes the best possible new cells with Anutra to "Survive & Thrive"!

    ANUTRA SURVIVE & THRIVE AMAZING PRODUCTS 1. Anutra Capsules - can be consumed in any circumstance producing quick energy and endurance. 2. Anutra Microfine Powder "World's Healthiest Superfood" - instantly mixes in water or favorite drink creating the ability to handle stress, reduces tension and instantly makes healthiest new cells. 3. Anutra Plant-Based Proteins and Omega 3s - uniquely produce the healthiest new cells to sustain strong muscles and metabolism. Can be heated to make a hearty cereal and much more. 4. Relieve & Heal Fiber - regenerates healthiest immune system, relines your entire digestive tract cells every 3 days. Maintain healthiest and crucial laxation for good health and well being. 5. Bio Serum - special created Bio Serum can heal wounds, dry skin and much more. Also can be used topically or internally. 6. Anutra Super Vitamins - created to make sure you get all the vitamins and minerals needed to “SURVIVE & THRIVE” 7. Nutrition, Calories, Servings and Other Ingredients - Anutra SURVIVE & THRIVE is created to provide all the nutrition necessary for children, women and men to SURVIVE & THRIVE. Two thousand calories are provided each day per person meeting or exceeding nutritional FDA guidelines. In many cases 2,000 calories per day is in excess of what is needed and can be modified per individual needs. 8. World’s Healthiest and Best Tasting Chocolate Bars - enabling a great treat and happy moment for all and providing 100% Omega 3s, Protein, huge 10 servings of fruits and vegetables, fiber and quick lasting energy. 9. Anutra Plant-Based Milk - Can be mixed in water or any other drink to make a highly nutritious drink anytime or can be added to any “Survive & Thrive foods”. Also can be heated to make a hearty cereal and additional ingredients can be added to accommodate your tastes. More importantly, all Anutra “Survive & Thrive” food products can be mixed with water or favorite drink quickly and consumed fast when needed with very little effort and heating is not required. In many emergencies cooking food is impossible and unsafe. Anutra “Survive & Thrive” Products enable you to “SURVIVE & THRIVE” VERY QUICKLY, SAFELY, AND EASILY! All Anutra “SURVIVE & THRIVE” Food products are packed in highly specialized canisters and special vacuum sealed plastic bags to ensure a shelf life of 12 years. ALL PACKAGING IS VERY STRONG AND DURABLE AND CREATED TO SURVIVE HARSH HANDLING AND ENVIRONMENTS. The sturdy canisters can be used to mix and serve products and also to store other necessities. Anutra Super Grain Survival Experts believe YOU WILL “SURVIVE & THRIVE” using these unique intelligently created products. ALL THE BEST TO THOSE WHO NEED TO USE ANUTRA “SURVIVE & THRIVE PAK” AND ALWAYS REMEMBER THAT GOD WILL NEVER FORSAKE THE LOVING AND ENDURING KIND HEART… The Anutra SURVIVE & THRIVE TEAM 30 Day Supply
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